1. An accommodation contract has been concluded by confirming the guesthouse.
The contractual partners are the booker/guest and the guesthouse.

2. The conclusion of the accommodation contract obliges the contractual partners to fulfill their mutual obligations for the entire duration of the contract. If the person making the booking and the guest are not identical, the person making the booking bears the duty of care.

4. If the room reservation is not used due to no-show or cancellation, the owner is entitled to charge cancellation/cancellation costs. The reason for the prevention is not important here. Cancellation is free of charge up to 2 days before arrival, after which we ask you to pay 80% if the room cannot be arranged further

5. The cancellation/cancellation costs are calculated from the agreed room price less the savings that the guesthouse has from not using it. (see cancellation deadlines)

6. For room reservations that are not used by 6 p.m., the hotel reserves the right to re-rent the room unless a different arrival time has been agreed. The right to sublet does not exclude an invoice for cancellation/cancellation costs if subletting does not take place.

7. Group reservations
For group reservations, the booker/organizer must make an advance payment of 50% of the expected turnover no later than 6 weeks before the arrival date. Any bank fees are borne by the customer/guest. Failure to receive advance payments on time will result in the cancellation of the accommodation contract. However, the guesthouse reserves the right to market the rooms elsewhere without this giving rise to a claim for damages from the customer/guest against the guesthouse. If the re-letting does not take place, the guesthouse is entitled to charge cancellation/cancellation costs in accordance with the appendix to the General Terms and Conditions. The basis for calculation is the time of the sub-letting.